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 A considerable amount of time taken to cleanse and adjust my brains’ pallet, that of which induces my heart for the birth of another of “Nikkis’Cookies”.

    Strength before patience is impossible.  We first need the proper preparations and training.  Wisdom inspired words snipped from a popular song… “we have to get back to the family, we have to teach each other, especially if we think we know a thing or two!”…(Maze).  Everyone knows something about something, and everyone can be taught something about something.  Knowledge is truly powerful.  Think about the strength that it can bring you.  Think of the strength that it can bring a family united by it.  It’s our most unique key that unlocks pieces of our heart and soul.  The most powerful tool we possess though, is love.  It is knowledge and strength in itself!

     Contemplate the power of knowledge in its intirety.  In the beginning there was TRUTH.  And from the truth, stemmed the curiosity of KNOWLEDGE.  Imagine newborns and toddlers, which naturally learn from their parents.  And with that, they are nurtured and cared for to become self-sufficient little people, (or individuals).  Now back to knowledge which is gained through teachings and being trained.  Think of grade school and compare the two similarities.  Now upon graduation, you are prepared technically, to fend for yourself. (Fortunately for us, there’s tons more to be learned!!!)  Last but not least, there’s WISDOM that stems from the STRENGTH of the knowledge that is in you, that was gained.  Quite powerful, if I do say so myself!  See, the more knowledge you gain, the more power you obtain.  Not to mislead you with the common perception of “power”, which can be clouded by an individuals status or title.  I’m not using it to define your current status, nor the title(s) you hold to your name or brand.  I choose to use it as a platform, defined by the inconclusive number of lives you touch.  You never really can tally them all, because only GOD knows the amount of lives you are destined to change or impact!

     Take into consideration higher learning.  Why do you think that its such a lucrative business?!  We use education to enhance our natural abilities and to move ahead.  This has been a part of our very existence since the beginning of time.  To share the truths of what we know with others.  Whether it be spiritual guidance, domestic guidance, higher education, or simply, leadership at home or generally living life!  We have all been shaped by knowledge of some kind, somewhere.  Think of all the knowledge you’ve gained and were able to convert into power.  Think of your family and how you affect each of them, or the role you play in their lives.  Think of your successes as well as your failures. (Could you have used more training and/or preparation?)  No ONE is perfect, so your lists should consist of both!  Mine does!!!  Think of knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Think of all the students currently enrolled in grade school, trade school, home school, community college, or universities.  They are all in for common factors….EDUCATION.

     You can Never know enough, and you can Never know it all!  But, you Can continue learning and gaining power.  The TRUTH behind your knowledge can in fact allow the wisdom you’ve gained to become a power source in someone’s life.  This principle leads me back to why “strength before patience is impossible”.  It takes patience to teach and be taught…but it first requires to be taught to gain your strength by knowledge and wisdom to have power!


*(BONUS COOKIE:  You can never know the extent of your platform if you don’t embrace the power you possess as an individual….so use it.)