I Still Choose U!

2015-06-29 14.00.00-1

Do you believe that we each get better with time?  I do…at least for the most part.  Time is part of our development.  I view time as life’s’ obstacle course, and the obstacles are the very events that change us.  Usually the events at the start of the course are simple and uncomplicated tasks.  Unfortunately, the tasks may appear increasingly challenging near the mature end of the course.  The primary source for our development of the very essentials needed to carry out our purpose in life, starts with our, “life’ obstacle course”.  The obstacles can be anything from a bad break up to a relentless bully at school; anywhere from discrimination on a job, to having trouble even finding a job.  Life’s course can tend to be painful and exhausting.  Just keep in mind that the course is actually your LIFE!  So it’s wise to NOT GIVE UP!

The anticipated reward is crossing the finish line.  When the ones you love push you down, get back up.  When tough times come and attempt to strip your worth, don’t let ’em!  Choose to not give in, or give up on your life.  Stay in game mode, putting your best face on.  Knowing new opportunities lay ahead.  If we throw in the towel too early, we won’t be able to see how far we’ve come.  Many challenges may push us close to the point of “no return”(quitting).  We may even get to a point in our course where we just flat-out feel stuck.  And in those trying moments, we should exercise “reflection time”.  A time spent reflecting our past transformations from the countless events in our lives in which we’ve overcome, apparently.  The moments when you felt like giving up, or it was too much to handle, or you thinking that your not good enough.  You should find confidence, knowing that you are a lot stronger, and wayyyyy smarter now, than when you first started.

Whether it was ten years ago or ten days ago.  Every time you face a challenge or difficulty, and manage to overcome, know that its strategically developing a better you!  So strap up your “billy-bad-ass” boots, and stop doubting yourself!  We will never truly unlock all of our special gifts and talents if we choose to give up after a single obstacle in our course.  We may need that very event to help prepare us for what comes next.  So tell yourself that after looking back over my life’s’ obstacle course….examining all that I’ve overcome thus far……I conclude that..I Still Choose U!!!!!!