Keepin’ Up With The Jones’…(“ain’t nobody got time for that!”)

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Have you ever been caught on the wrong side of the street?  Think a bit longer.  I’m slightly uncomfortable admitting that I’ve found myself there a few times.  Ugh.  I live on planet Earth, what can you expect?!  That’s old news now, or “cold tea”.

I’m a mature, confident black woman, cosmetically inserted into “today’s” society.  Of course, I come equipped with my own morals and values, but the daily pressures, (consciously and unconsciously) fashioned around every trend setting merchandise or upgrades of the latest anything, seems to blind us all.  Not forgetting the permission slips that we first ought to have had an option to sign!  I’m guilty of pinching from savings on many occasions, from trying to “keep up with the Jones'”.  I think about the little nest egg that would’ve developed, that I could be adding to.  No need to ponder over spilt milk now, is there?  I look forward to sharing this next cookie…(because I do like having a point..when I’m talking..right?..LoL!!!).

We aren’t designed to be categorized by no means.  Not even identical twins!  We may indeed come from the same factory, but we have different ingredients.  We may all utilize the same recording studio, but we create and produce different music.  We may play basketball for the same team, but we each possess a unique skill set for each position.  We may blend in corporate america, but we each hold separate titles.  It’s okay to be versatile, updated, even cultured, just master your assignment first!  And that’s being, YOU.  Some are familiar with the phrase, “Only the Strong Survive”, you can apply it to this topic.  Reaching for stars that don’t even have your name on them will have you spent in no time!  Don’t allow yourself to become something that you were never destined to become.  Allow yourself the custom fit opportunity of becoming EVERYTHING that you are designed to BE!!!

It’s not easy trying to address the semi-sweet flavors of this cookie…but its not such a challenge when prepared with love.  The effort and energy (almost forgot MONEY) spent in trying to “keep up with the Jones'”, should be time invested in following your passions, dreams and pursuing goals.  Being the best You, anyone can try to be!  How you like them cookies?  And don’t fool yourselves with that silly prankster, “denial”.  Be mindful that “The Jones'”, can come in any form,..(i.e.*an array of colors, shapes, sizes, personalities, habits, dysfunction, mistrust, abuse, neglect, self-esteem, jobs/careers, social status, marriage, children, aging, lust, jealousy, betrayal, eagerness, boredom, and false sense of direction.  There are countless more distractions, these are just off the top of my brain.

When we are off focus or distracted from our destiny, pulling attention away from steps in creating our own legacy; we fall weak to compromise.  Compromise within our lifestyles, therefore, leaving the true desires of our hearts on hold.  And delay our dreams until further notice.  Just for a shot at walking in someone else’s shoes, when they don’t even fit your feet!  Only the strong survive.  So survive a day in your own lives, and be content with yourselves.  Waste little time proving nothing to no one, other than yourself, because you never really can trust the morals or motivation behind anyone’s actions like you can your own.  So explore your own reasoning behind what makes you happy, and nourish your purpose.  You will see that keeping up with YOU is far better flattering than, “keepin’ up with the Jones'”….because, “ain’t nobody got time for that!!!”.


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