Personal Identification

     I would like to challenge each of you, alive and blessed to read and follow the instructions in this cookie…

    Look into a mirror, water puddle, iPhone, compact, or any source of reflection.  It doesn’t make any difference which source you choose, just in fact, have a clear view of yourself.  Now examine your body in its entirety.  I mean every inch.  And carefully select 3 striking contributes from your being that are the most uniquely and distinguished designed parts created on you.  Even if someone else should desire those 3 contributes, they would simply not qualify for the position.  They wouldn’t possess the grace or finesse it took to imitate.  Mind you…No being is perfect, but we beings are perfectly designed.  We shouldn’t all have the same dimensions in or out.  But I do believe that we should all know that we are all fearfully and wonderfully created.

     If you realize that the 3 contributing parts make you individually, and the most divine you…then chances are likely great, that you’ll discover lots more if you continue looking.  Understand that it would in fact require more than 3 things to replace you!  Choose this day to become your biggest fan, and your most loyal follower.  What you have is greater than anyone else could possibly have.  And its all because its you, and no one else like it.  EVER!!!


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