I See You

Sometimes when we feel overlooked or unnoticed, it is as leaves fallen from a tree, trapped in the direction of what ever way the wind blows.  Leaving the tree alone, and stripped of what is most attractive.  Though bare of its leaves, the trees purpose is still clear.  Leaves or no leaves, the tree represents the roots of life.  And the leaves are just the regenerating of life in cycles.  The tree remains when the leaves fall, regrow, and fall again.  The tree produces the nourishment of life and can never be replaced or ever go unnoticed.  You are that tree.

Let the Chips Fall Where They May

Chocolate chips between my fingertips, holding each morsel tightly pinched.  Being ever so careful, so they don’t slip.  Each standing pointed and tall, with smooth twirly tips and all.  The smell of sweet awaited expectations….

Grateful for the readers (eaters) and all their patience.