Changing the Weather: Part 1

Cookie of the Day!


Just as the sun is the key to dry up the land when it rains, you are your key to change the weather.  It’s truly all in your mind.  Like an exercise, you get better with time.  I know that most of you may workout or at least try often.  And the goal is usually all similar, to achieve a better you.

Things in our life transpire that make us weak and then make us strong again.  Just as the seasons go through stages that allow change and development at the exact times needed, so do we.  We are designed to know ourselves and the endless things that we can do.  We cannot limit our design due to the seasons changing.  We hold the key to the weather.  For whatever state you are in, be content.

For the seasons know just when to change, so do you.  What ever season that you are in now, is where you are in search of new pieces of yourself that has not yet been discovered.  You’ll be surprised how the human brain can will itself into survival mode.  Especially if situations shift, just like the weather.  When the climate doesn’t equal up with the news forecast, the resiliency of the land can handle it.  It knows how and what to adjust, even if it means eliminating parts.

This is the same way we should approach life.  Preserve energy needed for life’s changes.  And use the energy you have now to keep things regulated.  The season that you’re in requires you to focus.  You have things to discover new about yourself.  And the way to find them are from “discovery pieces”.

*DISCOVERY PIECES= The talents that you discovered you can do.

Not to be confused with “gifts”.

*GIFTS= Gifts are special things you know you can do, and so do others!