What Goes Up, Must Come Down.

          The ladder that got you to the top wasn’t built by you alone.  The people or entities who taught you, groomed you, influenced you, and the people who sown into your vision, all played positions.  It takes the works of others before you to get you to the top.  Once you are there, you have to hold your position.  *And anyone mature in growth, understands that the top is ever-evolving.  Being on top means that you can’t be at the bottom at the same time.  That position is held by one’s who came before you and the one’s who are coming up behind you.

          We all started at the bottom at some measure.  That bottom just-so-happens to be the bottom of someone else’s top.  Being on top allows for you to pave new grounds for one’s behind you.  And, it also allows for you to see the progress of all the works leading up to your own.  The ladder that goes up, is also the same ladder that goes down.  The steps under you help you to appreciate your foundation.  If the one’s who held those positions (steps), weren’t committed, courageous, and consistent, the top wouldn’t be so stable for you now, would it?  Each step to the top is a paved direction from works before you.  All steps are needed to the road upwards.