Look Up

You can always recognize the quality of things (materialistic) by how well they hold up.  Take for example, a shirt or piece of clothing that you got a really great deal for, but it wasn’t a brand known to you.  Eventually, or sooner than later, the threads begin to unravel.  Or maybe you buy a used car at a steal, but it later turns out to be a lemon.  There are so many things in this world to obtain, that we become distracted from what is actually quality and worth having in our life.  And things that we “just have”.

Your life is valuable, and how you spend it, should be valuable too!  The people, places, and things in your life should all be worth it.  Mind you, I am only speaking of the things that you can control.  Not the things in which you have no control of.  Your life is predestined, and your future is awaiting the things that you wish to fill it with.