Against the Grain

“I consider GOD’s words…”you reap what you sow”, ….and….”all things work together for the good of those that love the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose…


Against the grain.  Some days you may feel that you are on an isolated island all by yourself.  And on other days, you may feel overwhelmed by the islands population.  Some days you’re up, and some days you’re down.  And don’t be confused by my thought conveyed, I am not in any way referencing this to self-esteem issues.  Nor, am I referring to a flexibility in your mental state.  This is in fact, addressed to anyone, and everyone who lives a life chasing and pursuing what’s in their hearts.

Those of us who challenge ourselves to remain trustworthy with the gifts and talents we are given.  While the world around us travels left, we go right.  Our former first lady said it best, “when they go low, we go high”.  There will always be obstacles that get in the way of our purpose.  But, we also have to know that they are not designed to successfully keep us from overcoming them.  They exist on our paths to encourage our muscles to grow.  Sorta like a honing process.

Obstacles push us to see past what we have already become accustomed to.  It helps in deepening the level of belief that we have in ourselves.  Embracing the precious plans that we have in our heart.  And trusting in your abilities to carry them out.  Your uniqueness was created for you to stand out, and not to dare be hidden amongst a sea of the same ol’ things.  When you choose to “go against the grain” of your training wheels, you know, your family, friends, mentors, or anyone that has influenced the person that you are today; you give up your security.  And that loss of security destabilizes your character.

No one says it would ever be fair, but favor isn’t fair.  It is given to the trusted.  That is truth, for the truth-seekers.  When you are mindful enough and, therefore responsible, can take the talents and gifts that every last one of us have issued to us (all different in every way), and do what needs to be done regardless.  Regardless of who may or may not agree or believe in you, regardless of people who disregard what you have or can’t and will never relate to your vision.  Still are you trustworthy to carry out what your purpose is to the world.

So know that where your course began, won’t be the same near the finish line.  Some of the things that aided in destabilizing you, were in fact, destiny moments.  This is where your character conditions for stabilization.  This is when you know what you know, and there’s no-need-for-others-approval!  It’s in my heart, it is mine, and I’m gonna own this thang!  When we choose to settle for the “slab” of security, just like a beef skirt-steak, we opt ourselves out of slicing against the grain to our destiny.