Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion:

220px-GodfreyKneller-IsaacNewton-1689“IF I HAVE SEEN FURTHER THAN OTHERS, IT IS BY STANDING UPON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.”                  —Sir Isaac Newton

Put your dreams into motion.  Use the strength inside of you to push through the entrance-way to your destiny.  You have all of the elements around you.  For awhile now, I have chosen to use the simple, but yet so profound laws of the great scientist, Mr. Newton.  I’ve known since I was a young child, that I am a “creative” spirit.  I am born to create.  Over the years, my creativity has allowed me to explore many wonderful ideas and ventures.  Now, that I’m an adult, my creative juices are still flowing, but now in the direction of my destiny.  In hindsight, strategically moving me closer to unveiling my dreams.

I used to think that dreams were just that…dreams.  But now I realize that dreams were designed to come true if you want them to.  This is where the laws of Sir Isaac has influenced me, and allowed me to use them untraditional to identify with my creative journey.  Take the 1st law for example.  Law 1:  Things want to keep doing what they are already doing.  Put this law into context in whatever your purpose or assigned gifts.  Whatever it is that you do, you want to grow and get better at it, right?  Right.

That alone is an effort in your mind.  But we all know that effort pondered upon won’t produce results.  Force is needed.  Which simply translates into action.  And if you are a follower of Christ, you know that faith without works…is dead!  This brings me to the 2nd law:  Force= Mass x Acceleration.  When you have the power to accelerate your dreams, but choose to not push them out of your brain, is like having a new bicycle that no one rides.  Or having a ball with no one to bounce it.

Sir Isaac’s 3rd law clearly explains that with every action put forth, there is a reaction.  So with every effort that you take action on, you will have results.  And that part is on you.  Reaction comes solely on the force you put behind it.  You control how high you jump to reach your dreams.  You control how far you drive yourself to get there.  You control the “laws of motion” to your destiny.