Once you are exposed:

(Part II) Once you are exposed:  The Responsibility to expose.

images (2)          We previously explored this topic last week.  I want to dig a little deeper, if I may.  Once we allow room for growth, we now gain access to new levels to thrive.  Just like a plant.  When we sow seeds of potential, then water them, we witness the power of nurturing.  And, we see how nurturing develops new life.  That new life is now exposed.  It is now ready to seek, create, and reproduce.  It was sown with the intelligence, alongside the curiosity of the gardener.


Before exposure, we are still being nurtured, so be very aware.  The underground process is just as real as the effects of any other steps.  In part I, I referred to this phase as the “closet”.  You cannot reach your destiny if you only reach the first phase of your life.  You have to keep going, and keep growing.  Think of how disappointed the gardener would be if with every seed sown, there was no harvest of fruits!  Personally, I would be unchanged, and so would you.  Because we would be underexposed, and we wouldn’t know the difference.  But, since we do, we have the natural curiosity and flat-out expectancy to want growth.


I marvel when I consider all the breath-taking flowers and greenery in God’s divine landscaping across the world.  Something we could never have witnessed if it wasn’t for growth.  You and I are the gardeners of our lives.  God is definitely the “Creator”, and He has given us what He has created, to garden with.  It is our responsibility, once we are exposed to these things, to use them.  When a seed starts to grow, I believe that even before it breaks ground, it is already seeking light.  Sunlight.  It is ready to create.

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The creative phase is when you break through ground.  When you are now exposed to sunlight.  You like how it feels, and you see what it can do to you.  You’re not only growing and reaching new heights, you’re flourishing!  Gaining your vibrance and personality, and stretching onto new grounds.  You are now ready for the reproduction phase, and now you can show off what you’ve learned.  You see what amazing things can come from you when you realize what you got.


Everyday, we garden.  We plant, water, toil soil, prune, re-pot, manicure, and explore what we have sown.  Whether it be ourselves, family, children, friends, career, whatever your lane; we are planting seeds.  As the gardener, we assume the position as the “exposeur”.  We hold that responsibility to the next generations to come.  As did the generations before us.  The farther we sow seeds, the farther we’ll grow.   And with more growth, there will always be more room for creation.

(what is knowledge if you keep it to yourself……STUNTED GROWTH!!)