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Be you, with no apologies, and love it!  There’s absolutely no need to seek permission from anyone else.  You have the answers key.  Whatever it is that tickles your fancy when doing it… do it!  Whatever it is that you strive in your heart to be… be!  Don’t allow tangible distractions to strangle your purpose in life.  Most of us, if not all, have an habitual routine.  Whether it be daily, weekly, etc.  We may get a sense of pride, comfort, or confidence when we participate in these routines.  Even when they consist of mandatory routines, in which we are liable to perform.images (43)

Sometimes we go to extreme measures to ensure that our duties are met, or ignored even.  We tend to justify our choices, usually by weighing the pro’s and con’s, or just the bare necessity of the matter.  It’s so super easy to become entangled in a bunch of crap!  Excuse my choice word.  I’m just exhausted of efforts to sugar-coat the real issues.  I believe that the most stressed and unhappy people are the people with overwhelming agendas.  Not any agenda, but the agendas that exclude passionate entry’s.  The people whose time is consumed by what they think they should do, versus what they want to do.  While it is known that some things are mandatory, most things in your life aren’t!  Please know that!  All of us are filled with things that we are passionate about.  We need to take advantage of the fact that we are of an abundant universe, in which we are free to live out our passions.  Each of us, in our very birthright have the same opportunity to follow our own individual passion.  How we carry it to new levels of greatness, is provided the efforts of which we’re willing to work for.  We should have a routine that involves the very things that make you happy, proud, excited even.  Most importantly, the things that you are most passionate towards.images (45)

The things you do with the most joy and comfort in your heart, and with the least of worries or care.  The very things you do well or best, with the least amount of effort.  The things that you don’t mind preparing for early mornings, nor staying up way late for.  Things that are truly you.  Without overly thought proceedings of others influence.  Just being you, and good at it!!


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