We all truly benefit from enrichment after (or during) an “off” season in our lives.  As adults, we tend to unawaringly (I think I just created that word) choose others over self.  Whether it be spouse, children, work or friends; they all overload “personal inventory”, YOU.  From the time I was a little girl, I had been taught by family influence that you show love, respect and sometimes honor, when you serve and give your time to others.  Now, don’t get it twisted, I know that helping one another is a part of Gods’ plan.  I believe that it’s the direct derivative of fellowship.

I understand the importance of this duty, and realize the importance of it being tied to our destiny.  I also, on the other hand believe and practice self-maintenance and upkeep.  This consists of whatever necessary things “you” do or need, in order to successfully function on a day-to-day basis.  This excludes everyone else, to be clear.  And also, note that this doesn’t include normal chores or tasks that are already a part of routine.  To give a few examples of what I mean, include:  mani/pedi appts., hair salon, even your home spa beauty regimens.  So exfoliating with your “special occasions” products doesn’t quite count.  So ensure that your scheduled indulgences don’t interfere with your desired self-maintenance reservation.  So, to continue explaining my meaning for self-maintenence; I personally suggest making a short list of Reflection.

While reflection often teaches us who and what we are, it is ultimately up to us to maintain the analytics.  We are responsible for our progress or non-progress.  Things we should consider looking at are, are we fulfilling our dreams…are we at peace in our spirits…are we getting proper rest in comparison to all that we do…are we confident…are we pushing our potential and accepting new challenges when presented with the opportunity?  Some people are so wrapped up in everyday hustle and bustle, or the monotony of home life that they never stop to consider their mental, physical, or spiritual well-being.

I applaud, adore, and respect the ambitions of the workaholic dad, or the multi-tasking mom.  There is nothing more aspiring than men and women being “about their business”, so to speak.  But not at the expense of my internal identity.  Don’t compromise your well-being by neglecting service maintenance on yourself.  Everyone is different, and services can range from a plethora of things.  Such as, meditation…finding a quiet spot to read.  You can pray or study, or even venture into a new hobby.  You may just need to reflect on areas in your life that needs change, and begin making steps towards them.  Whatever your fancy, DO IT.  And DO IT regularly.  Think of it as a refresher course for your self-enrichment!