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     Is privacy overrated?  Does it change meanings between family, and the rest of the world?  Do we “really” believe that it exists?  These are all questions I’ve asked myself at one point or another, in my life.  Only to realize DUAL answers…in my opinion.

     I consider myself to be somewhere in the middle of acutely knowledgable and just a hair over fairly knowledgable of computer technology.  Believe me, there is plenty that I need to be schooled on!  I’m sure that I can safely add that, the average tech user is well versed and/or familiar with their security features.  Just when we think we are taking proper precautions to ensure protection on our devices, “privacy” is never really 100% guaranteed.  We are left to trust that the virus, malware, and identity protective software are doing their jobs, right?  Yet, we have knowledge of major security breaches, leaks, glitches and hacks all over the world.images (32)

     We’ve integrated computer technologies in our homes and vehicles as well, and have successfully had some of the same issues.  I guess we are just naturally trained to protect.  It began with animals and mankind alike.  Protect the young.  Protect the innocent.  Shield the vulnerable.  It’s programmed into our beings.  Some days I sit in bed and wonder, with all that it is that we try an protect….the good..the bad..the ugly; what are the “true” purposes behind them?  Are we using them as scapegoats for different behaviors?download (5)

     I for one, am a mother to a teenager.  I find myself checking his phone, his backpack and his devices.  I talk with him about everything to gain insight on his mind, and when he’s not with me, I communicate via texts (multiple times until he returns home).  Maybe a little over-protective, but I love him!  So what can you expect.  I lock my house for protection.  I lock my car for protection.  I lock my smart devices for protection and I keep tabs on my teen for protection.  With all this being said, my reasons are pretty legit and with relatable validity.  I have me and my families best interest at heart.  This leads me back to my original question, which is…”Does privacy really exist?  I have no “one” answer.  More like a two-part philosophy.  I believe that privacy is an accessible tool that we use in attempt to protect.  Only we know the reasons for what and why we choose to.  And on the other hand, privacy doesn’t really exist.  It consist of just a mere mindset, of which we are willing (or not willing) to be exposed.images (33)

     We try to protect or hide things that we don’t want others to have knowledge of.  Again, only we know the reasonings behind why we do so.  In the truths behind my own reasonings, I had to be reminded of a very relevant factor.  Our Higher Power (GOD) sits high and looks low!  We can try as we may, but can never hide nor shield anything from Him!!!  I now live free from trying to keep every aspect of my life secure.  Knowing that the true protection was never really secured from my efforts alone.  What I can’t see or know…. He does.  And the guidance that I give my teenager now, are the same words I try to live by too…..”The very things you do or say when you think you’re in private, should be comfortable enough for you to do or say in public also!!!!